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State 25 & Under Championships - 16th & 17th September 2017

State 25 & Under Championships will be held 16th & 17th September at Belmont Sports & Rec.

SSDA Inc will commit 2 teams of 4 into this event.

If you are interested and not turned 26 until after the event submit your interest with:
Last years average (2016)
Shirt Size
Contact Details to  bigboppa57@gmail.com.

Submissions to be received by 3rd September, remember only 8 players will be selected.

Cheers Doro

Round Four Handicaps

Week Eighteen Results and Ladder Now Online

Week Seventeen Highlights and Averages Now Online


Wayne Wyatt Results - 15th July 2017

Division One

South Suburban Darts
Winner: Brad Standing [L] - Runner Up: Clinton Cooper [R]

Division Two

South Suburban Darts

Winner: Jeff Carr [L] - Runner Up: Hayden Southerland

Division Three

South Suburban Darts

Winner: Jordan Nissen [L] - Runner Up: Larz Goscombe [R]


A Grade Fixtures Change

A Grade fixtures have been changed due to a team pulling out of the competition,the change reflects removing the 2 Byes.
August 1st will now be a Bye for A Grade only while the State Team is away.
This much better than just two teams playing each week.
Sorry for the upheaval.



 SSDA Wayne Wyatt Challenger
Next Event
Saturday 15th July 2017
Nominations Close: 9.30am

Please Remember that your Average must be 59.99 or below to be eligible to play in the Wayne Wyatt Challenger.
Your #1 Association or 2nd Association Average whichever is higher from season 2016 is the Average that determines if you are eligible to play.

[Playing Rules]

Supported by
South Suburban Darts Association Inc
Darts Western Australia
Perth Darts Centre

Playing Dates

  Date Event Number and Venue
1. 11th February 2017 Wyatt CLGS #1 - Belmont Sports
2. 11th March 2017 Wyatt CLGS #2- Belmont Sports
3. 22nd April 2017 Wyatt CLGS #3 - Belmont Sports
4. 13th May 2017 Wyatt CLGS #4 - Belmont Sports
5. 10th June 2017 Wyatt CLGS #5 - Belmont Sports
6. 15th July 2017 Wyatt CLGS #6 - Belmont Sports
7. 19th August 2017 Wyatt CLGS #7 - Belmont Sports
8. 23rd September 2017 Wyatt CLGS #8 - Belmont Sports
Final 14th October 2017 Champion Of Champions - Belmont Sports
3 Divisions for the top 16 Point Scorers

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The email address of the Secretary of South Suburban Darts is now changed.
Please amend your contacts list to reflect the change to: